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There's no better way to sabotage a really
excellent marketing campaign than to leave the
fulfillment process to be handled haphazardly.
When you make a promise to your reader/
customer to send them something, whether it's
a brochure or even a sample product, you're
setting yourself up to be judged on how well
you make good on your promises.

Your own staff people already have jobs to do.
They probably aren't set up to handle a fulfill-
ment program properly. The Marketing
Company has a staff of professionals who are
expert at handling your fulfillment needs in a
way that really supports the integrity of your
campaign - and your company.

* Direct Response Marketing Fulfillment -
When you sell a product with direct response,
the key is to get it delivered - while your
customer is still excited about receiving it.
Delays cut way down on repeat business and
often result in a higher rate of returns.
Whatever your product is, The Marketing
Company can package and ship it out-
promptly, safely and cost-efficiently.

* Literature Fulfillment - If people are
sending for your brochure or portfolio, they're
usually ready to do business with you. Delays

here can also be very costly. We'll handle your
coupon returns and get your brochure out right
away. And if your brochure is actually a pack-
age of materials requiring custom collating,
don't worry. Our staff can handle even the
most complicated arrangement of pieces.

* Premium/Gift Fulfillment - From golf balls,
to model cars, to lollipops in apothecary jars,
we've mailed it. For one project, we mailed
steak knives out in jiffy bags. The knives
were the incentive for a research promotion
done by a major oil firm on its service
stations. Customers filled out pre-addressed
questionnaires and mailed them to us. As the
questionnaires arrived at our offices, we sent
the free steak knives out to the customer-
within the week. And then the questionnaires
were sent back to the oil company's
marketing department.

Everyone benefits when premiums are sent
out promptly. When they're not, you not only
damage your reputation, you end up handling
calls and letters from disgruntled customers.
We do a good job not just because we can
handle any packaging and labeling assignment,
but because we handle the issue of speed for
you in a way that makes your promotions work.
And, because we care.