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You know the incredible value of sending
a personal letter when you want something
from someone. An attractive - even
imposing - personalized letter on your
firm's letterhead commands all the attention
you need to get your message read.
Whatever your goal for your direct
mail campaign may be:

* New or repeat orders for your products
or services

* Introducing a new staff member to clients

* Motivating people to send you money for
your non-profit organization

* Asking people to fill out your market
research questionnaire

*Getting prospects and buyers to send for
your literature

*Fulfilling customer inquiries

*Welcoming - and thanking - new accounts

*Recruiting new employees

... market research shows again and again
that a personal letter accompanying your
direct mail package will vastly increase the
possibility for success. The Marketing
Company will produce letters of superior
quality for you. And we'll fold them,

address or label the envelopes, stuff them
(with anything else you might want to add to
the package) and get them to the post office
for you. We actually specialize in high-
quality, repetitive personalized letters.

You have a number of signature
services to choose from...

If you have a very large quantity to mail,
you can use our pre-printed signature
system - these signatures are virtually
indistinguishable from hand-written ones.
Or, you can have an auto-pen signature
done by a machine that actually reproduces
your signature. Perfectly. Every time. And
when you want to be absolutely sure that
your prospect/customer knows this is a
personal letter, we can have our staff hand-
sign your letters.

If you've got a marketing job that only a
personal letter can handle - anything from 50
carefully-typed, hand-signed "thank you"
letters to several thousand letters encouraging
prospects to send for more information on
your products or services, The Marketing
Company will work with you to get just
the look you want. And then we'll get it in
the mail while you go on to develop your
next campaign!